I cant do textures for a while… but i like to write

ok, i know that this will probably go against some of the rules… but i dont care just read it


I sat there, getting ready to say ‘good riddance to the world’ although why would I even say my farewell’s to the world, when it’s been cruel to me since those five years ago? As I wrapped the rope around my neck and tied it to the antlers of a deer I just thought to myself
‘Why? Why was it meant for everything in my life to go to hell? What kind of a sick person is this God?!’
Than in the blink of an eye I burned the deer in his ass, and he ran through out the whole woods… dragging me along with him.
As I did that horrible, horrible thing my past five years of my life flashed by my eyes.


What was supposed to be Another Regular Day

So, there I was waking up at 6:00 in the morning on a regular Tuesday getting ready to go to school, showering, putting my clothes on, straightening my hair, and getting on my bus. As I got on the bus my best friend Ray was waiting to greet me.
“Hey Dallas how’s it going?” He asked in a happy-go-lucky way.
“Dude, I just woke up, nothing much has happened since we left that party last night…” I replied sitting down next to my girlfriend Sapphire… “Hey sweetie.” I whispered looking into her blue eyes and putting my arm around her.
“Hey nice to see you, notice anything different about me today?” She asked stroking her hair.
“Ya, you look more beautiful today.” I pointed out trying to save myself from disappointing her.
“Awww you’re so sweet, actually I got highlights.” She giggled pointing out what use to be her brown hair to be now brown and blonde hair. “Also I noticed that you straightened your hair this morning” She said smiling at me.
All I did was kissed her on the lips and the conversation was over, we just sat there staring eye and eye like two deer locked in combat throughout the whole ride to school.

I opened my eyes to find myself in the middle of math class and my buddy Ray drooling next to me in a very solid sleep, in his desk.
“Ray.” I said punching him in the ribcage, “Dude wake up”
“What the hell is wrong with you?” He whispered brushing his blonde hair out of his eyes. “My head still hurts from last night man, I’m trying to sleep it off.” he said rubbing his forehead.
“I know what ya mean man, my hangover sucks” I compared.
After a stupid conversation about how we like our drinks and women we navigated our eyelids back down and each took another nap.

After school was out and we were getting ready to board the bus I looked over to Sapphire and said “Honey, do you wonna walk home today?”
“Sure why not, but can we make it a slow walk there’s something I want to talk about” She told me
‘Awww shit… what the hell is that talk about?’ I asked myself.
As we were walking through some woods on our way to our homes I sat Sapphire on a rock and kissed her lightly on her lips asking her “What was that you wanted to talk about?”
“This” she said brining out a bag of little crystals, or at least that’s what I thought they where “I’ve been doing it for a while now, Ray introduced me to it one day when you passed out at a party… and he’s made me do things, things we haven’t done yet Dallas… I think it’s time we said goodbye…” She said staring at the ground trying not to make contact with my eyes, and as I now think of that, that was the last girl I would ever see in my life… And it was all thanks to my best friend.

When I got to the place I called home I looked at the three story building thinking about the few things I had to get, My knife, my flint, my Vaseline and cotton, money, my rifle, a bullet, my guitar, and some boos. I went to my room to get my knife and everything else I could get from that place, I grabbed my key to my dad’s gun safe and slid it in my pocket with everything else. I walked through my living room to find my dad
“Dad, I need some money I’m gonna go hang out with some friends” I said taking a couple of hundreds out of his wallet knowing that was nothing compared to the rest of our money.
“Knock yourself out” he said not even caring how much I took out of his wallet.
I went to my guitar room to grab my guitar and my case storing some of my wine in there, and then left the room as quick as I got in there making my way to my dads gun safe. When I got there I slipped my key into the lock and opened the safe grabbing my gun, one bullet and shoving them in my guitar case neck and neck with my electric guitar getting ready to go to Rays house… The house right next to Sapphires.

I got to Rays house, and started to throw rocks at his window waiting for him to come outside. The window opend
“Dallas, I’m trying to sleep here” He whispered out the window.
“Dude, come on I wonna talk to you about something over a couple of drinks man” I said gesturing him to come down and talk with me. After a couple of minutes waiting for him to come down, I had him follow me to a little hill behind his back yard.
“Hey Ray” I whispered.
“Wha-” He started but didn’t have enough time to react as I dug my fist into his nose. Right after that strike I grabbed the back of his hair and started to punch him repeatedly in his face, until he brought out his knife and cut me cut me right under my eye.
“What the he-” He started but was quickly cut off by me tackling him and stabbing him in the side with my own knife, and than hit him in the stomach knocking the air out of him causing him to pass out.
“Ray I don’t know if you can hear me right now… but I’m not going to kill you…” I whispered into his unconscious ear.

When Ray woke up he found himself under me, and I could tell he couldn’t move from the beating I gave him after he passed out. I slowly took my knife and slid it down his arm, then I punched him in the face twice, kicked him in the crotch and started screaming.
“You think it’s funny?! Funny to get your best friends girl addicted to methamphetamine and make her your sex slave?” I screamed right in his ear.
“I- I’m sorry” he cried slowly bleeding all his blood away.
“Ray, I wont kill you… You get to suffer, suffer like Sapphire does now that you destroyed her.” I said pulling out my rifle and loading it up.
“No Dallas, please I’m sorry” He started to plead.
“Tell that to Satan when you meat him in hell” I cried shooting my best friend in his knee, paralyzing him forever. He passed out so I left my gun, got all my stuff and dragged Ray to Sapphires house. When I got there I checked him for meth, found some put it in his hand and carved ‘For you’ in his arm right next to the meth. I looked at the neighborhood knowing I could never return, rang Sapphires doorbell and got the hell out of there.


7 Responses to “I cant do textures for a while… but i like to write”

  1. 1 fireking220
    August 9, 2009 at 7:09 PM

    wow gruesome but thats some dang good writing there. Coming from a person who loves to write thats a hot dang good job.

  2. August 10, 2009 at 7:08 PM

    Are…are YOU on drugs?! I am NOT a fan of this kind of stuff. Dang, this is…gory.

  3. 5 SSBBMAN
    August 10, 2009 at 7:41 PM

    I’m sorry, I overreacted, it’s just that…It SCARES me.

    • 6 da11y
      August 11, 2009 at 11:26 PM

      *SSBBman walks down hallway*
      *i jump out of a closet and yell boo*
      “you do notice what you just came out of right?” SSBBman laughed
      *I realize he just called me gay, whistles*
      “you just messed with my friend, I fight for my friends!” Ike yells chopping fireking220’s head off
      *me: cough cough wrong guy Ike*
      “… You’re no longer my friend” Ike shouts
      *I shoot him in the kneecap*
      “you think its funny ray?!” i start screaming
      “who the hell is Ray?” Ike mumbles passing out
      *I drag him to a random house, put a pouch of frosted flakes on his hand and carve ‘for you’ in his arm.*
      *SSBBman slowly walks away trying not to get noticed*

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