Chapter 2 of my book ‘A new way to live’

idk if people want me to stop posting theese, but i cant do textures right now so this is all i can do for u guys
And so my journey began

‘My whole life went to hell, and I am only 16 how could this have happened’ I thought to myself, running in the direction I was told was south. At about 8:00 in the morning I stopped into a gas station in the middle of nowhere, “where am I?” I asked the guy behind the counter, he seemed to have this lonely look in his eyes, like he had no friends. He looked about 47 and he was starting to lose his hair, I kinda felt bad for him.
“That depends, where are you suppose to be?” He countered my question with one of his own.
“What does it matter to you?” I shot at him. “Just tell me where I am.” I snarled, the sense of pity for that old man was starting to lose me.
“Well, I can tell you all the city’s you’re not in” he started to laugh, I could tell he was just playing mind games with me.
A man walked in to the gas station, a police officer who was about in his mid 20‘s, had a nice build and most importantly armed with a pistol on the side of his belt.
I slowly walked out of the gas station waving at them and grabbing my guitar and I heard the old man say “That boy seemed awful weird to me”
I ran away from that place as fast as I could once I got out of site. The only problem was, I hadn’t slept, ate, or drank at all that night. I thought to myself ‘Wouldn’t it just be easier for me to go to jail? Food, water, sleep and a nice shower doesn’t seem so bad right now, and jail is the once place I can go that has all that stuff.

It was about mid afternoon, when I decided to take a break, and lye down. I was surrounded by trees, the only friends I could make now that I was a fugitive, I looked to the left of me and spotted a pond or a lake. I ran to it, ready to quench my thirst, and at that moment I realized I still had all that wine in my guitar case, I had gone all this way not drinking anything, and I could’ve drank that anytime on my way here. I cupped my hands and kept taking drink, after drink of water, until I noticed a bass that was about 3 feet long and 1 foot wide that was only about 4 feet away from me. I’ve seen movies where animals come to the sound of music, so I got out my guitar, and started playing ‘Shenandoah’ by the lakeside. Unfortunately it scared the bass away. I sighed “Man, I can’t believe I have to find a new way to live.” as I finished the sentence, I looked behind me to find a coyote staggering out of the woods, coming to drink from the water. I started breathing heavily, thinking that this may be what I deserve, to get eaten by a coyote in the middle of nowhere. Then I realized that he was staggering, and I looked at his leg to see what looked like a bear trap around it. ‘Awww shit, coyotes, and bears killing me oh my, what else lives hear that could kill me?’ I thought to myself, until the coyote came to me and literally fell at my feat. He licked his foot, and that’s when I noticed he had bitten all over his foot, in an attempt to set himself free. “You poor thing” I said reaching towards his feat but quickly recoiling my arm when I saw him bare his teeth. “It’s ok, I’m not going to hurt you, you’ll be alright.” I said to him calmly trying to reach his foot again, yet the same thing happened. That’s when I realized ‘my guitar, he came when I played my guitar.’ I got out my guitar and slowly started to play the song again, I watched the dog look at me, and the weirdest thing happened, he smiled at me. He slowly rested his head in my lap closing his eyes. When the song was over I went to check his foot out. I quickly felt it up and down to make sure they’re was still blood flowing through there. Me with my love of animals and always wanting to be a veterinarian started to cry, as I realized they’re was no pulse… the coyote was dead.

As I threw the coyote into the lake and whispered a few prayers I noticed a fish come and try to drag off the coyote, but I wouldn’t let that happen. I jumped in the lake and grabbed the fish by the back of the tail and dragged him backwards in the water, drowning him. I brought the fish up out of the water, got out my knife, flint, cotton and Vaseline, and got some wood. I stripped the fish of his guts and unnecessary parts stuck a stick threw his body, and roasted him over a fire I made. I ate the fish and listened to my stomach growl. When I finished cleaning up the mess I made I headed back south but only made it about 20 feet, until I noticed a sign that said ‘Marion Lake’ “Well that’s a start I‘ve made it about 40 miles from where I started In Maple Grove” I told my self. I walked back 20 feet back to the lake, and drank myself to sleep.

As I opened my eyes to a sky full of stars I realized now was my time to move. I studied a rock for a while inspecting it for moss. I started heading northeast where I would meet my cousins in Farmington. As I crossed Cedar Ave. I was honked at many times trying to weave in and out of the roaring speeding bullets people call motors going down that road. When I made it to the other side I was greeted by a fox staring me down, two little turquoise eyes staring me down, met with a bunch of little white fangs with the stench of blood on its breath. I bent my legs and got eye level with the animal and the thought of that coyote crossed my mind breathing my last breaths in my lap as I played my guitar. I snapped my fingers twice and whistled seeing if the beast would befriend me. The little fire cat growled at me, snapping its wolfish jaws at my hand. “HEY YOU LITTLE FAG,” I started to scream “FUCK OFF!” I roared at the fox, attempting to become the alpha creature and get it to leave me alone. Sadly that only made it angrier. I started you run off to the east towards my cousins home. I looked back to see those little turquoise beads zigzagging behind me getting ready to pounce. I stopped mid-run, side kicking that poor little fox in the jaw causing him to fly backwards. “It’s ok, you’ve learned your lesson. Now come over here so I can help the pain go away.” I said in a calming voice snapping my fingers at the ground twice again. The fox whimpered. I noticed something dripping off his jaw. He tried to wipe it off with his paw, but the moment his paw touched his snout he howled. “No, I can help you” I said approaching him slowly. He looked at me and scattered backward. I took my knife out of my pocket and slowly sliced the side of my shoulder. “Look, we’re even now you see?” I showed him the blood dripping from my arm. The little cat-dog neared me and lied down in my lap. Once again the coyote came to my mind… a bleeding animal laying in my lap trusting me with its life.

When I got to my cousins backyard I traveled about 100 feet across the road next to his house. I set the fox down and searched the ground for the secret hatch. As I opened it up, I heard a familiar voice of my fifteen year old cousin.
“Hey, password no one can get in without-” He started.
“Hey, Jack I got someone bleeding here let me in right now!” I informed him rushing down the staircase under the trapdoor..
“Dallas? Is what they say about you on the news true? Oh my god you didn’t do it again did you?” he started asking me all this stuff.
I opened the door at the end of the stairs wide and rushed past him, to find my fourteen year old cousin Thomas necking with some brunette and a bunch of other teenagers having a party. I rushed to the pool table, set my guitar on the ground, opening my guitar case and setting the bleeding fox on top of my guitar case on the pool table. I looked at the fox, from what I could tell he had lost a few teeth, cut open his gum, and dislocated his jaw. Sadly the fox looked like it was only 2 years old, still a younger pup. I looked to a kid with a metal pick in his afro.
“Hey, how much did that pick cost ya there buddy?” I asked snatching it out of his hair, I started breaking off the middle teeth and clamped the pick around the fox’s top jaw, keeping it from clamping down on my hand.
“You can have it” he informed me.
“Jack, Thomas grab this fox’s legs and body, I don’t need him thrashing around when I do this.” I told them opening up one of my emptier wine bottles. I took a swig of the wine and poured the rest of the alcohol on the open swore the fox had. I heard someone make a comment in the back “Oh, obviously nobody else would’ve wanted that wine”
“Dallas, What happened to your face?” Thomas asked me, the girl now sitting on his lap… Sapphires cousin Ramona who coincidently also lived in Farmington. Ramona who was almost an exact duplicate of what Sapphire looked when she was younger just stared at me with her blue eyes.
I felt my face, where Ray had cut me now lay a scar almost on the tip of my eye. “Doesn’t matter Thomas” I started “Get your ass over here and help me and Jack” I started to get irritated.
When Thomas finally did what I said, I told them “Don’t let go, no matter what happens” I grabbed the hinge of the bottom jaw of the pup and pulled it down to relocate it. The fox started to howl and thrash about, the pick flew off the table and the fox grappled my arm. I told Jack and Thomas to let go of the fox. Thomas let go but Jack didn’t.
“Jack, this is an exception to ‘no matter what happens’.” I shouted to Jack.
Jack let go immediately and so did the fox. The fox got on to its feet on top of the pool table, looking at the surrounding humans. He quickly laid back down and fell asleep. And so the party restarted. I sat down in a chair and started to pant, opening another bottle of wine, took another swig and poured some of it on my arm. “Jack, Thomas get me a couple of steaks, I need food and I’ll be out of your hair in no time.” I informed them ripping off my sleeve and tying it around my open wound.
“Dallas,” Thomas started.
“Dallas, Come here follow me.” Ramona finished for him.

When we entered the ‘after party room’ of the party house, I looked to the center of the room where the bed was, and Sapphire was sitting there. A tear rolled down my eye.
“Dallas,” She cried smothering me in a hug.
“Well, I guess we’ll be leaving you” Thomas said leaving the room.
“No, Ramona, Jack, Thomas stay here it’s story time.” I said peeking y head out the door. “I swear, if any of you bothers that fox, I’ll personally kick your ass, just load my guitar case with vodka, strawberry juice and some steak” I warned and informed them.
“Will do,” The kid with the afro responded seeming happy he didn’t have to touch the fox.

As I finished the story from the moment Sapphire told me what ray had done, to the moment I made it to the party house everyone was silent.
“Dallas, do you want to know how Ray is?” Sapphire asked me.
“Sure” I whispered.
“Ray, can’t walk and he’s got amnesia. Dallas when you left his house I found your gun and I got rid of it. They have no proof that you where the one that did it.” She let me know.
“Why do you assume it was me?” I asked her staring at her all the emotion drained from my face.
“Dallas, you ran away from your house the night your ex-best friend was found beat and shot.” Jack said in a voice that was so monotone.
I stared at everyone, I looked around to see the fear in their eyes. They looked at me as if I was a monster. I started to leave the room. “Sapphire, how did you know.”
“They’re the closest family you have Dallas. I knew you’d be here.” Sapphire giggled. Then her face went serious. “Dallas… Take me with you.” She started to cry.
“Winona” I whispered in her ear. I kissed her the way the French do, and I grabbed my stuff and I snapped my fingers twice so the fox would follow and I got ready to leave. 119 miles to go… And I’ll be at Winona. I looked back at my cousins, waved and asked “what time is it?”
“11:00” They all said at the same time.
And so I left.


5 Responses to “Chapter 2 of my book ‘A new way to live’”

  1. 1 SSBBMAN
    August 12, 2009 at 7:30 PM


    I…don’t hate the story anymore, would you like me to fix the spelling errors and help you make the book?

  2. August 12, 2009 at 7:54 PM

    just one question… is thomas the kid with the afro? im going to read part 1 and see what that tells me.

    • 4 da11y
      August 12, 2009 at 10:04 PM

      sadly no, the kid with the fro was some random guy at the party, although my cousin Thomas does have curly orange hair, but its more wavy then curly.
      BTW i can make my hair into a halfro, because the front half of my hair is curly where the back is straight O.o

      • 5 maxthunderftw
        August 13, 2009 at 5:13 AM

        …if i let my hair grow… i get an afro… it grows upward…

        by the way, the story was really good=)

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