NWaA Guide for CSP’s: checking if there are magenta lines WITHOUT brawl.

That’s right! i discovered a way to check if CSP’s will have magenta lines WITHOUT using brawl. Want to know how? Then continue reading! if your reading this, please note that im not telling you how to make CSP’s, im just telling you how to test if has magenta lines or not.

Step 1. Create your CSP, follow all the normal steps you would but DONT INDEX IT! (that means stop after you create you alpha layer.

Step 2. Go to Save As, but instead of saving it as a TGA, we are going to save it as a tiff. MAKE SURE ALPHA LAYER IS ENABLED.

Step 3. Minimize your editing software and go to wherever you saved your tiff file and you should notice that the magenta background does not show up in the preview, though the magenta lines will!

Step 4 (optional, though suggested). make it your desktop background. it will make it much easier to spot where the problem may occur, or whether there are any problems at all. also something i noticed was that even if the CSP does not have magenta lines, a small magenta border appears in the preview around the character, though when it is in the background, there is no outline (unless the CSP has flaws).

i tested this 3 times

1. i had used a csp i knew had flaws in it. of  course it showed them.

2. i had used a csp i knew was pefect. showed up perfect in backround.

3. i made a new sonic CSP, and it did not show any magenta lines.

if you encounter any problems, please post a comment, and you can expect one more post from me today.


4 Responses to “NWaA Guide for CSP’s: checking if there are magenta lines WITHOUT brawl.”

  1. 1 maxthunderftw
    August 29, 2009 at 1:03 PM

    great find=)… hm… i think i might learn to make csp sometime…

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