I’ve actually got something!

Ok well finals were over quite a while ago, maybe like three weeks… If people were waiting for Star rod kirby, sorry I haven’t even started XD. I’ve been fixing up a moveset made by sonicfreek360 which was corrupted by PSA 1.3 for FoolsGil, and it’s just a matter of coppy over data from his corrupted file to a clean file using the origional PSA, and it’s kind of tedious work, so after I finish that I haven’t wanted to work on too much, or at least in the PSA field. So I come here with two… ok maybe one and a half stages.

This is a stage based off of Shadow the Collossus, it’s a 2D stage and goes over FD. It’s allmost compleated, but it’s missing two things, first of which is rain. Can anyone tell me how to make it rain? Next is I want it to have the sparks from Norfair, or if I can’t get just the sparkes it will have the lazers from spear pillar.

I can’t remember who, but when I first got here someone aksed me to make that, well I did twice, but there is a problem… While in brawl box it looks perfectly, and mind you it is perfectly playable, when ingame the field is missing… yea the background is there the collissions are there, but the field itself is gone without a trace. I think it’s a pallet error. I’ll release it just for laughs, but I really don’t think ayone wants to play it… (Also over FD)


SOTC- http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?rjjghmtkyfd

GHZ- http://www.mediafire.com/?tuyejiudmli


2 Responses to “I’ve actually got something!”

  1. 1 MaxThunder
    July 11, 2010 at 7:31 PM

    … shadow of the colossus is one of the games i have allways wanted… i tried it at a friends house… and almost killed the first giant on the first try… and then he sold it cause he thought it was too hard…

    and the other stage… sounds like it would be kinda confusing to play there… meaning i’d pwn my buddies even harder=)… … CURSE MY WIILESSNESS!!!… i’m gonna get a new wii… and ntsc brawl… and then i’m getting this!!!

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