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Three hacks ready to go!

Yes the title speaks the truth! Continue reading ‘Three hacks ready to go!’


SHE was in an FPS!?

YAY! A hack from Pinutbutter!! 😀 Continue reading ‘SHE was in an FPS!?’


OMG i iz here!

Yeah i know i dont come here alot and post D:
So lets make this nice and sweet.
Things to DL 🙂
Leaf:Haruhi cosplay
Box of rape!
Dis Dawn b hawt!
Plat Dawn
I can FLY!


Big pic is big >_<

Made with the love of Oizen
Yush…..this isnt gonna be released XD okay maybe if a better model/texture dosnt come by holloween

No release yet 😛 want it?PM me in KC-MM
I think thats it >_> this is a big post if i say so myself
*goes back to lurk in the shadows*



Well obviously I have not updated in a while, that is because of a few thigns. First off I’ve kind of been lazy this summer, but more importantly after I had gotten some good ideas and started to work on them I found a virus on my computer. :/

Unfortunetly I’m not sure where it came from and I was making a stage and I feal like the website I got the base for the stage was the cause, and I didn’t save the picture, so I lost it.

Now we have the problem of I think i got rid of the virus, but i’m not positive and even if I did have something to put up I don’t want to put up downloads incase the file is infected.

Sorry guys.


I’ve actually got something!

Ok well finals were over quite a while ago, maybe like three weeks… If people were waiting for Star rod kirby, sorry I haven’t even started XD. I’ve been fixing up a moveset made by sonicfreek360 which was corrupted by PSA 1.3 for FoolsGil, and it’s just a matter of coppy over data from his corrupted file to a clean file using the origional PSA, and it’s kind of tedious work, so after I finish that I haven’t wanted to work on too much, or at least in the PSA field. So I come here with two… ok maybe one and a half stages.

This is a stage based off of Shadow the Collossus, it’s a 2D stage and goes over FD. It’s allmost compleated, but it’s missing two things, first of which is rain. Can anyone tell me how to make it rain? Next is I want it to have the sparks from Norfair, or if I can’t get just the sparkes it will have the lazers from spear pillar.

I can’t remember who, but when I first got here someone aksed me to make that, well I did twice, but there is a problem… While in brawl box it looks perfectly, and mind you it is perfectly playable, when ingame the field is missing… yea the background is there the collissions are there, but the field itself is gone without a trace. I think it’s a pallet error. I’ll release it just for laughs, but I really don’t think ayone wants to play it… (Also over FD)





Haven’t seen me in a while, right?

Hey people! I know I haven’t updated in a long time, but thats not stopping me(for now at lest :P) so onto my releases!!! Continue reading ‘Haven’t seen me in a while, right?’



Does any1 like StreetFighter here and not for tatsunko vs Capcom?
Yeah im bored and havnt posted shit around here.Thats cause i cant use my SD card and i lost everything T-T


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