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Good News

Well, my dad bought something that was supposed to clean my driver, or something, but it didn’t help me. Yesterday he told me that he had ordered a new driver for me. This is the only thing left that we can think of, but I’m almost positive that it’ll work. Dad downloaded Kirby’s Epic Yarn onto my new usb loader channel, so i’ve been playing that a little. Mostly been playing Dungeon Fighter though. Anyways, expect to see me back in action in a while. I’ve got some great ideas 😉



Well, my brawl disk isn’t working. I can start it up just fine but sometime in the Css or the SSS the game either freezes or i get that light green screen that says the disk couldn’t be read. it happens when hacks are both on and off. anyone think they could help meh out? Other games seem to work just fine.


Sry Guys…

Sry I haven’t been active at all. Having a lot of problems in my life. Cousins are being taken away into foster care, girlfriend breaking up with me then pushes away all of her friends including me, frustrated at my soccer team SO FRIGGIN’ BADLY, and then homework piling up. I’m sure there are more things than that that I could add, but you get the point. I’m still checking GD everyday for updates, and trying to keep up to date on the newest hacks. I haven’t played a video game in months…

Just letting you know that i’m here and not not dead


Not Really an Update, but Mostly Entertainment

This isn’t really an update, but I have something that I’ve been working on. Its a story of mine called Celestial Gateway. Continue reading ‘Not Really an Update, but Mostly Entertainment’


Completely Unrelated to Hacking in any way, but…

I need some help. I need to get stuff on the playstation store, but I don’t wanna buy it. I found a site that is supposed o give you free psn codes if you link enough people to a certain url address. I was hoping you guys would go to this link to help meh out. link
Link it to other people if you can. the more the merrier.

Help is appreciated. Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about hacking. I’ve been keeping up with everything, I just don’t have anything to release. Also, be sure to check NWaA’s post below.


Its my Birthday!

July 10th marks my birthday. I’m officially 15 yrs old. I still feel 14 lol.

Anyways, I got a PS3 along with a flat screen tv, so I won’t be as active. If you’d like, I can release what I have done on dedede stadium. All that’s left is the railing, and the audience, and maybe some touch ups, but overall it looks pretty good.

If you have a PS3, send me a message. I’m known as…Plasmakirby lol


Marx’s Lair + A Preview

Finished it! It’s Marx’s Lair btw. I like the idea of a results screen though… One pic with a video is here. It’s kinda plain, but it looks cool! Continue reading ‘Marx’s Lair + A Preview’


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