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I’m going to take you back to the past…

…to play the shity games that suck ass? Continue reading ‘I’m going to take you back to the past…’


stage needs testing

srsly, i need someone to test my 2d stage.
its a stage of my airship from final fantasy
heres some stuff u shuld need to know:

– is the collision data any good?
-shuld i make a version with galaxia darkness ppl in it insted of KCMM?
-again, i need size comparison of everything

heres the dl:


The Origin of Lava Fiend (Abaddon)

This came out a LOT more amazing thanks to Mewtwo 2000 (AGAIN??) He did me a favor and fixed the lava animations for me so that it would rise and fall as well as do damage! he also made a suprise for me in which he added Lava Fiend to the back of the stage!

Download Here

Once again, Clicking the picture above will lead you to the Photobucket Album of the Hack! so be sure to view the EPICNESS!!!

the Zip file contains the stage as well as music to replace the following:

Main (Metroid) = DarkIce Mines (Starfox)
Ending (Metroid) = Final (Z.O.E.: The 2nd Runner)
Norfair (Metroid) = Fyrus (L.O.Z. Twilight Princess)
Marionation Gear = Hellfire (SoulCalibur 2)
Samus (Metroid) = Catastrophe (SoulCalibur 3)
Boss (Golden Sun) = Through Molten Caves (SoulCal 3)



Not dead

I’ve finally got something working good enough to release. And now I know the problem with a large chunk of my stages, brawl wall. :/

I present to you Yoshi’s Story Bone dragon’s pit:

Now this is just a Brawl Box picture, but I have tested it.

I recomend the seccond one over the first one, it may have been saved using brawl wall, however it has the whole field visiable, and playable it works pretty well with just a small graphical glitich, with the backgound it dosn’t effect gameplay it just looks kind of weird and flashes a bit.

The first one only has the top part visiable but I good background, still go with the seccond one.

Download With Fixed Spawn Points



Well, I meant to leave to play DFO, but I couldn’t pull away from the haks. anyway, here is progress on an awesome stage I’m working on.
The Crystal in the mid spin infinitely. You pretty much fly on a Crystal that is caught in the gravitational pull. Can you believe that the Crystal’s texture is actually no texture! for some reason, it won’t read the texture files, but I like it like this way better. I plan to add more crystal platforms, and make some small, flying crystals in the BG.


Slight Problem, but some good news

Well my computers SD reader is having some problems were trying to fix it so hopefully it should work again (it’s only like a year and a half old). So unfotunetly I will not be able to test any of my stuff, and most of my files are on my SD card -,- and I was just working on a new PSA which I can no longer test.

Until we get that fixed all I can give you are 2D stages/ model inports, but they wont be tested.

And just so this wont be a total waist I have something that may be of use to everyone.

Alternate Stage Loader v1.1 [Dantarion, Almas]
* C23FA360 00000024
* 91620000 90E20004
* 91820008 90620010
* 91220014 7D800026
* 3C602F70 60637269
* 80E10020 7C033800
* 408200D4 3C602F53
* 60635447 80E10044
* 7C033800 408200C0
* 80E10048 3D60DFDF
* 616BDFDF 7CE75838
* 3D60805A 616B7D00
* 816B0000 806B0000
* 892B0004 880B0005
* 2C030DED 41820090
* 7C033800 41820014
* 396B0008 1D290008
* 7D6B4814 4BFFFFD8
* 2C090000 41820030
* 396B0008 A0EB0000
* 3C60815E 60638420
* A0630002 7C071800
* 4182000C 3929FFFF
* 4BFFFFD8 886B0003
* 48000024 2C000000
* 4182003C 3C60815E
* 606325D0 80630000
* 7D2303D6 7D2049D6
* 7C691810 38E05F41
* 7CE71A14 B0E6FFFC
* 3C602E50 60634143
* 9066FFFE 38A5FFFE
* 38C60002 7D8FF120
* 81620000 80E20004
* 81820008 80620010
* 81220014 38000000
* 60000000 00000000

Alternate Stage Loader Data v1.1
* 46000010 00000000
* 44000000 005A7D00
* 66200005 00000000
* 46494e41 03030000
* 01000000 00000000
* 01010001 00000000
* 01020002 00000000
* E0000000 80008000

That is a code that will allow us to use more than one stage. on one stage texture. The first part will never be change, but the seccond part is one i’ve edited myself. it allows you to load 3 stages on final destination. One by just holding A, one by holding A and Left and one by holding A and Right. Here is the origional post from smashboards (nope sorry i’m not that good a coder to make this XD I just use it and thought it would be good to release)

I have an idea for a stage, it’s idea came from this:

Anyone who guesses my idea gets an internet cookie.

Edit: Hey guess what about 2 secconds after I posted this my SD reader started working again unfortunetly I’m unable test the PSA until next week sorry.

Edit 2: I rememberd soemthing. My name has a slight typo in it It supposed to be Yoshi6852 I’m gonna go fix that now XD


Rockey Battle Area!

well, i finally found out how to make a 2D stage, here is the result of it!

it took me a while to figure out the collision editor, but i got it now!



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