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OMG i iz here!

Yeah i know i dont come here alot and post D:
So lets make this nice and sweet.
Things to DL 🙂
Leaf:Haruhi cosplay
Box of rape!
Dis Dawn b hawt!
Plat Dawn
I can FLY!


Big pic is big >_<

Made with the love of Oizen
Yush…..this isnt gonna be released XD okay maybe if a better model/texture dosnt come by holloween

No release yet 😛 want it?PM me in KC-MM
I think thats it >_> this is a big post if i say so myself
*goes back to lurk in the shadows*


the true power of emeralds!

And the power of sonic emerald textures 😀


Just a note

Well i’m proabbly not goint to be able to make much for a while. I’ve got finals comming up. However I do have this to show, it’s not compleated but it’s an idea for a kirby PSA.

Star Rod kirby- I thought it would be cool to make Kirby fighting when he has the star rod, like he does in a lot of the final boss battles.

A- Same

AA- Same

AAA- Use Kirby’s A attck with the star rod

Over A- Use his forward throw animation and make a star appear in front of kirby

Up and A- Use the assist trophy animation and make a star above him

Down and A- Use his heavy throw down and Spawn a star in front and back of him

A in the air- Use the screw attack animation and make stars around him

Over and A in the air- Use his air hammer animation with the star rod

Back and A in the air- Keep the same but have a star at the end of his kick add a sweat spot (like Zelda’s kick)

Down and A in the air- Keep same but with stars spinning like a drill around his feat and extending a little downwards

B ground- May stay the same or Use his smash attack with the star rod animation I’m thinking he shoots a star from the star rod or maybe a few

Down and B ground- He does the end part of his up and b and shoots  a star which glides accross the ground for a time

Up and B Ground- Uses his up throw animation and makes an explotion of stars

Over and B Ground- Does the over and B air only it produces a reflective shield of stars around kirby refelcts projectiles

B Air- Same or does a spin and shoots a few stars
Over and B air- Same as Ground

Up and B air- Summon a warp star will proablly add some kind of stun after you hit the ground to make it fair

Down and B Air- Uses the up and Air animations (I may swap this one and his up and B air) it will create a wall of stars which deal dammage to anyone hit by them, will be extreemly hard to get through

Final Smash- Star Storm- Kirby will raise the star rod and the screne will zoom in on it the star rod will glow and the screne will zoom out. A star will come from the star on the star rod and grow large this has a hitbox somewhat like Jigg’s FS then the star will spin and go into the star. Then kirby will become invinsiable and stars will start to rain from the sky for a time not as powerful as PK starstorm however Kirby can attack and is invinsiable. Maybe about as long as Sonic’s final smash

Most of the FS will prablly change as I realize it’s over ambitions

Also i’m open to suggestionns, I want it to be fair, but not exactly balanced, i’m thinking something around what Kari is she is beatable, but still pretty good

When I get a chance after finals expect this



Ya, i’ve been away for a little while. i’ve been in one of those moods where i just wanna create new characters to go with my series. i somehow came up with a liquid creature, and made myself a challenge to get him into brawl. this is what i have so far.


yes, he is VERY imcomplete.the inside of his mouth ticks out. he is VERY slightly detached down the mid. unoticable in gameplay. the tail is also incomplete. needs depth and shape change. the texture also needs editing. the lighting from the eye shine affected almost the whole texture. the horn should be complete. i posted to let you guys know im not dead. he has NO relation to chaos from sonic the hedgehog, btw.
if you want to know more about him, or to see my other characters, go to my DA


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