apparently we have a blog section now. ehem. well, I am Locksin… wow a typo already, I meant Lockstin, anyway, I’ve been Wii hacking since before hombrew was released, all theese new tools are making things WAY easier than it was before. im a sophmore at an advanced school, so im usually busy with that, so during school days ill be slow on posting things and such. i brawl hack as a hobby, a passtime, and knowing that other people enjoy what i make, it makes me happy. so, now to copy that spartan guy and make some bullet points.

  • I am otaku (plays too many video games, watches too much anime)
  • I am Californian
  • my favorite game for the DS is The World Ends With You
  • on the Wii it’s Smash Brothers and Okami
  • on the ps2/3  ….. i cannot decide
  • on psp its crisis core
  • on pc its half life 2
  • I love life
  • I love you
  • I’ve ran out of ideas to put down here.
  • so go read Charizards instead
  • oh yeah, i love memes!

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