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PlasmaKirby [Active] [Leader]
I’m a big Kirby fan, and I love texture hacks. I like to be positive, but can be random/crazy at times, because I hang around my best friend too much. After Xen/SSBBMan/xSpartanLazerx could no longer make texture hacks, he let me take care of the site. I plan on this being a big site, and hope to see new people come here.

CR4CK3RW0LF [Active] [Co-Leader]

Well i really have become Co-Team leader since xSpartanLazerx is gone for a while. I now keep the site in running order.

HUGE GAMING NERD! Name the game and ive probably played it or at least heard of it (unless its really obscure or an import)I own every Next-gen console except the PS3 (any guesses why? :P) and im in college, so i may or may not post frequently.


MaxThunder [Active]

I’m a ninja=)… and I really like Marth=)… I’m kinda random and not good at writing long stuff… but I’ll try to make as good textures as I can=) (may fail though…)… now with the added possibility for PSA’s too=)… if i don’t feel to lazy to finish one of them…

Haxor [Active]

This n00b guy I just met is now a part of our team.  He showed me (xSpartanLazerx) his Ashura Shadow texture.  I liked it, so now here he is!

Hooray for edits! Anyways I like Sonic, and most of my hacks will be in his area.  Sooo….. yeah.


NerdwithanAfro (NwaA) [MIA]

He is the Nerd with the MOST Afro.  He joined the team near the beginning, and was is our current CSP maker.  He also knows how to do stuff like make .thp files (brawl’s video).

Lockstin [Active]

A new member with some awesome hacks.  He shows great potential for our team!

*reads line above* aww im flattered, well im Lockstin, i name my hacks Lockwork, so, Lockstin and his Lockwork.  blonde hair, blue eyes, Geek all the way! Sophomore in high school. 4.0 GPA!!! and i am looking forward to working with this team!

BlondeTeamSpirit [Active]
Hiii, I’m BlondeTeamSpirit :D, the name comes from my cheer team at school because it’s a spirit team (meaning we only cheer at games) and cause alsoo cause i’m blonde. I liked mario games heaps since i was like 5 and haven’t told much people about me liking mario games in real life except a few people so it’s kinda secret o.o. I’m still new to texture hacking but im gonna try my best to improve 😀 alsoo its my last year of highschool soo i have exams coming up after holidays again x(

[no sig yet..]

Yoshi6852 [Active]

he likes yoshi  as well as techno, I (CR4CK3RW0LF) like techno too so hes ok in my book, ill be sure to put him on the banner soon!

Dmn666 [Active]

HEATHEN!! thats a bad username you got there… nobody wants that :(, lol, apparently from what ive seen at KC-MM, i say and quote.. “Lolita is pwnsome,I love Dawn X3” he/she likes long walks THROUGH HELL!! on the beach and isnt afraid of anybody.. shes also from brooklyn, so dont mess with her… :X

Flammable [Freshly Active]

I (CR4CK3RW0LF) met him on the KC-MM Family thread. he speciallize in vertexing, and minor textures. he has also just got into experimenting 2D stages, which are fun as hell. When he burns, he tastes like Cinnamon! 😀



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